I trained in the short-term dynamic psychotherapy developed by Dr Habib Davenloo, and continue to use his techniques of focused and active participation. I have trained in other treatment alternatives and am comfortable using a variety of talk-therapy techniques. These therapies include cognitive restructuring, EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and Somatic Experiencing for traumatic experiences and blockages, progressive relaxation training, meditation, and coherent breathing and elements of Transcendental Meditation. I am well-versed in the neuro-physiology of learning, and make use of advances in our understanding of neuroplasticity,and as well as the latest attachment research. All of these are pertinent to the psychotherapy work. I am as comfortable teaching meditation and the use of breath as a way of controlling and slowing the nervous system’s reaction to stress as I am with traditional psychotherapy.


Some references on Short term dynamic psychotherapy:





I want to thank you for changing my life.  Before I began working with you I was painfully shy and felt like a failure.  Now, I am self-confident and outgoing.  This complete turn-around took much effort on your part.  Moreover, you have helped me with other health issues that my internist never seemed interested in addressing.  Finally, you have provided invaluable advice on how to handle my son, who has ADHD.  Without you, my life would have been very different.

JJ, NYC, 2013