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With 30 years of experience treating people with emotional pain from many sources, I have found great success practicing a technique called Integrative Psychiatry. This is an approach to mental health which embraces conventional psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, but also uses complementary medicine, innovative techniques, mind/body techniques, and complex analysis of possible biological causes for your difficulties.

We will develop a relationship that is both professional and authentically warm and connected, which recognizes the "whole" of you: a relationship which allows me to accompany you on your journey to health. Our relationship recognizes your unique personhood, and ends your aloneness with whatever suffering you are enduring.

I use the latest in cutting edge science, as well as therapy, to help you get out of pain, stop being stuck, and finally experience the joy of freedom from symptoms and more rewarding relationships.

My mission is to support you in reaching your optimal physical and mental health. I believe in working one-on-one with you to provide expert medical treatment, guidance and care tailored specifically for your health concerns. When the issue resides in a couple, I see the couple together and apart as is required by the issues we are dealing with at any given time. Please contact me today to schedule your initial consultation.

Integrative Psychiatry

“Integrative Psychiatry” is an approach to mental health care that merges allopathic (traditional Western) medicine with complementary medicine. This approach allows for a greater focus on the root causes of a person’s suffering, and uses mind, body and spirit as a means

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Your first appointment will probably last longer than you expect, 1 ½ to 2 hours. Together, we will get a clear understanding of what is bothering you and the path we need to follow. You will get a good sense of how it feels to work with me, as your doctor and partner.

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I trained in the short-term dynamic psychotherapy developed by Dr Habib Davenloo, and continue to use his techniques of focused and active participation. I have trained in other treatment alternatives and am comfortable using a variety of talk-therapy techniques.

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Psychopharmacologic intervention is appropriate for a variety of psychiatric conditions, including depression, anxiety, attention and impulse related disorders. Before prescribing a medication, I will conduct a thorough search for biological causes of your suffering

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Addiction Psychiatry

I have been treating individuals for addictive behavior for more than 35 years. I am certified as a provider of suboxone for the treatment of opiate addiction by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA ), the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

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Lyme Psychiatry

Lyme (borreliosis) has become a very common illness;every state in the country has areas infested with ticks. Patients dealing with lyme suffer neuro-psychiatric complications that are related directed to the illness, as well as to the emotional challenges

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Dear Dr. Marke,

I cannot thank you enough for equipping me with the tools to change my life, process my painful past, and move forward in life-affirming directions. You are that rare person with an amazing gift to see people for who they truly are and guide them towards reaching their full potential. When I first met you, I was not half who I wanted to be. Now, after relatively brief treatment, I feel that I am the person I always knew I could become: flawed still, of course, but embracing life’s joys and tolerating its woes with grace and humility. My happiness has been in no small part influenced by your wisdom, kindness, and therapeutic excellence. I thank you for these gifts and I hope that others are as lucky as I am to find you.

- Ma 2010

Jane Marke, MD
37 West 20 Street,
Suite 214
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