JL, New York, May 2013
--> JL, New York, May 2013
  • JL, New York, May 2013

    I have been seeing Dr. Marke over a fifteen year period and I think you have to fall back on the old adage that when you find something that works, stick with it. I originally went to her with relationship issues and depression, but after graduating (from therapy), returned occasionally for tune-ups, and then again when I developed cancer.
    Unlike many psychiatrists who seem determined to prescribe their patients to pharmacologic wellness, Dr. Marke takes a much more holistic approach to her practice. Based on extensive blood work analysis, she has recommended a regime of vitamins and natural supplements that, together with talk therapy and proper diet and exercise, have significantly improved my general mood and outlook on life.
    Sometimes the answers may not be apparent, but Dr. Marke will take the time to guide you in working through the often difficult and puzzling questions that get at who you are and what will truly allow you to find some meaningful contentment in life. Easy to talk with, disciplined in her thinking and analysis, she brings a lot of wisdom to bear on helping you to evaluate and understand your needs, problems and emotions. In some ways, it’s like going to visit an old friend and I often actually look forward to it. How often can you say that about going to see the doctor?

    JL, New York, May 2013