--> D, NYC
  • D, NYC

    Dear Dr Jane
    I was so lucky to find you, and all the tools for talk treatment you had. EMDR, especially, was helpful for the flashbacks of the old traumatic memories, and helped me keep me in the “now.
    I was also fortunate that you are such a fine physician and diagnostician, as it was you who, listening to me make light of certain symptoms, interrupted our session, called a neurologist colleague, and walked me directly into a cab to his office. You set me on the road to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis – and then we dealt with that in our sessions.
    I will always be grateful for your gentle guidance, your caring and non-judgmental acceptance in an atmosphere of calm and tranquility. I remember your thoughtful agreement (and sometimes healthy disagreement), laughter, insight, tears, caring and your genuine concern for my well-being. I feel “re-parented”. I am also grateful for your boundless belief in me. I have weathered a few more crises, since leaving your care, but I am living a much fuller, richer life than when we met and that is due to the work we did together.
    With love and thanks,

    D, NYC