Payment is expected at the time of visit by check or cash. PayPal and QuickPay are accepted as payment in advance for initial appointments. If you do not show for an initial appointment, there is a $100 charge. This payment is expected to be made in advance of your appointment either as PayPay or QuickPay to

Amount: $    


I require that you meet with me regularly either in person or by video conference to monitor your response to medication and any adverse effects you may experience for as long as I treat you. When your symptoms are stable, visits typically last 30 minutes. You must visit me at least every 3 months in order to qualify for continued medication, but some visits may occur using video-conference or telephone. You must be seen in the office at least once yearly.

I may order refills by phone, fax or electronically.  

Do not let yourself run out of medication. It is your responsibility to allow sufficient time to refill prescriptions during normal business hours. Do not wait until a Friday or the day before a holiday. When you request a refill, be sure to provide the name and dosage of the drug, your date of birth, and the name and phone number of the pharmacy, so I can handle your request when not in the office. You may either contact your pharmacy to request a refill, or you may contact me by voice mail, email or text. Time spent on refills outside of your appointment may be billable.

Some insurance companies require prior authorization for reimbursement for some medications. They may demand that I provide information about your diagnosis and treatment in writing or by telephone. If you want me to provide this service, you must pay a nominal fee in advance for the time I spend doing this, and complete an authorization form.

As your psychiatrist, I expect to be the primary provider of medications for your mental health needs.  If another provider wants to prescribe medication or other treatment for your psychiatric symptoms, ask them to discuss this with me before they do so. Make sure all your doctors have a complete list of drugs and vitamins and supplements you are taking.
Please sign the downloadable form indicating that you have read and consent to this policy:


If laboratory tests are prescribed for you, you are entitled to copies of the results. I encourage all patients to keep a loose-leaf which contains all laboratory tests ordered by all physicians. If another physician orders tests, please sign a release of medical information with that physician, or simply tell him or her to have a copy of results sent to me. A spreadsheet can be downloaded by clicking the "Laboratory Charting" page on this website to help you keep track of your own tests over time. Tracking test results on a spreadsheet makes it easy to see trends over the years.


Many non-psychiatrists provide psychotherapy. I assume no responsibility for psychotherapy provided elsewhere, and I will expect you to authorize the psychotherapist to keep me apprised of significant changes in your condition or treatment and to allow h the psychotherapist and myself to consult. My preference is to provide whatever psychotherapy is needed, as well as medications, supplements, or nutritional support for neurotransmitters.

Please sign the downloadable form giving permission to your therapist and me to communicate and coordinate


If you think you need emergency medical attention please call 911, go to the nearest hospital emergency room, or call me. All patients on medication can reach me on my cell phone whenever necessary.


By appointment only; closed on weekends.


I charge for missed appointments. Insurance does not generally reimburse for broken appointments. If you need to cancel or move an appointment, please call or text me as soon as you can, so another patient can use the appointment time. To avoid the missed appointment charge, even for video-conference encounters, you must contact me, giving me ample time before the scheduled time of the appointment, or reschedule for the same day or week. I do NOT have a 24- hour cancellation policy; I require a minimum of 3-working-days for cancellation. My policy is that I request you to respect my time, and to give me an adequate number of working days before a missed appointment to be able to schedule that time. Cancellation policies are more a function of mutual respect more than rules. I respect your emergencies.


I may arrange for another psychiatrist to cover when I am not available. Please respect that another physician may have different policies and may not be available for a face to face visit. There are times when I may be able to arrange video-conference or other contact instead. All patients must have primary care provider who is apprised of any medications we are using. If I am not available, your primary care provider can provide enough day’s medication until we can meet.


The patient is responsible for securing reimbursement from their health insurance plan. I will provide a superbill or invoice with suitable diagnosis and procedure codes. I have opted out of Medicare, and there will be no bills for Medicare patients.


Psychiatric medical records and your care are confidential, except in two specific instances: I am required by law to report suspected child abuse. I am also required by law to provide information to others in order to protect someone you threaten to harm.