test reason date date results and comments
Nerve Conduction Studies document type of pn slow?                          Yes/ No
conduction block?        Yes/No
long distal latency?      Yes/No
axon loss?                   Yes/No
motor nerve loss?         Yes/No
demylinating?               Yes/No
Somatosensory Evoked Potentials MS, cord involvement
Visual Evoked Potentials  MS
MRI-brain MS
Tilt Table Autonomic
Sweat Test Autonomic
Quantitative Sensory Testing document sensory loss
Fat Aspirate Amyloid
Sural Nerve biopsy vasculitis
skin biopsy to count nerves document loss
skin biopsy for immune complexes connective tissue w/u
Spinal Stenosis Eval pressure on nerves in spine write major findings here
cervical spine
thoracic spine
lumbar spine
Flexion-Extension Xrays
cervical spine
Bladder Studies:
cystometrics neurogenic bladder?
Bowel Studies
rectal manometry Neurogenic bowel?
Gastric Emptying neurogenic stomach?
Remember:  Always ask for copies of your lab tests and record the results on the flow sheets.  Keep sheets on your computer fill in by hand–whatever works for YOU!